Piero Sraffa

The aims of the Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa” are to foster research based on the approach of the Classical economists, from the Physiocrats and Adam Smith to Ricardo, as taken up and developed by Piero Sraffa and subsequent authors, and to stimulate debate in both the theoretical and the applied spheres with other schools of contemporary economic analysis.
  As an essential part of the reconstruction of political economy along these lines, the Centro Sraffa also promotes the study of economic realities and policies in their social and institutional contexts.


Joint seminar - Centro Sraffa and SVIMEZ
On the occasion of the publication in the Review of Political Economy (2015) of parts of Pierangelo Garegnani's essay 'Il problema della domanda effettiva nello sviluppo economico italiano' (SVIMEZ, 1962), Centro Sraffa and SVIMEZ organize the meeting on the theme 'Il ruolo della domanda nello sviluppo: il Mezzogiorno italiano, i Sud del mondo e la crisi dell'Europa' to be held in Rome, Roma Tre University, 14th October 2016.
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The Commission for the Pierangelo Garegnani Prize 2016, composed by Professors Roberto Ciccone (Roma Tre University), Gary Mongiovi, (St. John’s University, New York)) and Fabio Petri (University of Siena), has been pleased to acknowledge the high quality of the applications received. The prize has been awarded to Dr Matteo Deleidi (PhD in Economics, Roma Tre University) and Dr Daniele Girardi (PhD in Economics, University of Tuscany).
The Prize award ceremony will be held on 14th October 2016 at Roma Tre University, following the event jointly organized by Centro Sraffa and SVIMEZ

Centro Sraffa Working Paper N.21
Centro Sraffa is pleased to announce that Centro Sraffa Working Paper (CSWP) N. 21, Sraffa on the Degeneration of the Notion of Cost, by Saverio M. Fratini, is now online and available for public access. Please go to WORKING PAPERS