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The Centro Sraffa Working Papers (CSWP) are aimed at promoting and disseminating economic research based on the revival and development of the classical approach to value and distribution along the lines developed by Piero Sraffa.

Contributions sharing this perspective are welcome in all fields of economic theory, history of economic thought, policy analysis, economic history and methodological debate.

We are especially interested in papers in the theory of value and distribution, dealing with both the critique of the neoclassical theories and the development of the modern classical approach, and their implications for the theory of output; in papers analyzing growth and accumulation processes by making use of the classical theory of distribution and the principle of effective demand; in theoretical, historical and applied analyses of contemporary capitalism; in papers exploring the policy implications of the modern classical approach.

The Centro Sraffa willingly hosts all research sharing its general aims, without necessarily endorsing the views or conclusions of individual authors on specific issues.

Managing editors

Saverio M. Fratini, Christian Gehrke, Antonella Palumbo

Advisory board

Carlos Aguiar de Medeiros, Tony Aspromourgos, Aldo Barba, Enrico Bellino, Sergio Cesaratto, Alejandro Fiorito, Gary Mongiovi, Nerio Naldi, Goddanti Omkarnath, Man-Seop Park, Fabio Petri, Fabio Ravagnani, Franklin Serrano, Matthew Smith, Riccardo Soliani, Antonella Stirati, Graham White, Takashi Yagi

The Centro Sraffa Working Papers series is indexed in EconLit and RePEc.

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 CSWP 63 (October 2023)
    Circular vs. One-way Production: Two Different Views on Production and Income Distribution
    Enrico Bellino & Gabriel Brondino

 CSWP 62 (August 2023)
    Schools of Athens: Surplus Approach, Marxism and Institutions
    Sergio Cesaratto

 CSWP 61 (April 2023)
    Surplus Approach and Institutions: Where Sraffa Meets Polanyi
    Sergio Cesaratto


 CSWP 60 (December 2022)
    On Some “New” Interpretations of Ricardo’s Principle of Comparative Advantages
    Sergio Parrinello

 CSWP 59 (October 2022)
    The Taylor Rule and its Aftermath: Elements for an Interpretation along Classical-Keynesian lines
    Enrico Sergio Levrero

 CSWP 58 (August 2022)
    The Rarity of Reswitching Explained
    Bertram Schefold

 CSWP 57 (July 2022)
    Effective Rank and Dimensionality Reduction: from Complex Disaggregation Back to a Simple World
    Lefteris Tsoulfidis

 CSWP 56 (July 2022)
    On the Over-determination Problem in a Two Sector Neo-Kaleckian Model
    Biao Huang

 CSWP 55 (June 2022)
    A Model of the Relationship between the Interest Rate and the Profit Rate
    Riccardo Zolea

 CSWP 54 (April 2022)
    Some recent developments on the explanation of the empirical relationship between prices and distribution
    Jacobo Ferrer-Hernández and Luis Daniel Torres-González

 CSWP 53 (March 2022)
    What Remains of the Cambridge Critique? Potential Conclusions and Directions for Further Research Following from Recent Investigations in Capital Theory
    Bertram Schefold

 CSWP 52 (March 2022)
    Re-reading Carl Menger’s Grundsätze. A Book That “Cries Out To Be Surpassed”
    Heinz D. Kurz


 CSWP 51 (September 2021)
    Capital Theory Debates: New Developments and Direction
    Lefteris Tsoulfidis

 CSWP 50 (July 2021)
    What Remains of the Cambridge Critique? On Professor Schefold’s Theses
    Fabio Petri

 CSWP 49 (April 2021)
    The Normal Degree of Capacity Utilization: The History of a Controversial Concept
    Attilio Trezzini and Daria Pignalosa

 CSWP 48 (March 2021)
    Fluke Switch Points in Pure Fixed Capital Systems
    Robert L. Vienneau


 CSWP 47 (December 2020)
    Best Techniques Leave Little Room for Substitution. A New Critique of the Production Function
    Götz Kersting and Bertram Schefold

 CSWP 46 (December 2020)
    From Regulation to Deregulation and (Perhaps) Back: A Peculiar Continuity in the Analytical Framework
    William McColloch and Matías Vernengo

 CSWP 45 (October 2020)
    From the Core to the Cores: Surplus Approach, Institutions and Economic Formations
    Sergio Cesaratto and Stefano Di Bucchianico

 CSWP 44 (August 2020)
    Piero Sraffa and Raffaello Piccoli, two Italian Scholars in Cambridge in 1929-1932
    Lucia Morra

 CSWP 43 (July 2020)
    A Neglected Route to Krugman’s Liquidity Trap Revival
    Stefano Di Bucchianico

 CSWP 42 (July 2020)
    Incomes from Capital in Alternative Economic Theories
    Saverio M. Fratini

 CSWP 41 (May 2020)
    Notes on the Classical Theory of Normal Prices: Exhaustible Natural Resources and Numéraire Dependence
    Sergio Parrinello

 CSWP 40 (May 2020)
    Exhaustible Resources and Classical Theory
    Christian Bidard and Guido Erreygers


 CSWP 39 (December 2019)
    Exclusion in "Ricardian" Trade Models
    Eduardo Crespo, Ariel Dvoskin and Guido Ianni

 CSWP 38 (November 2019)
    Absolute Advantages and Capital Mobility in International Trade Theory
    Enrico Bellino and Saverio M. Fratini

 CSWP 37 (October 2019)
    On the Role of Finance in Sraffa’s System
    Ariel Dvoskin and Germán David Feldman

 CSWP 36 (May 2019)
    The Impact of Financialization on the Rate of Profit: A Discussion
    Stefano Di Bucchianico

 CSWP 35 (April 2019)
    The Past and Future of Keynesian Economics: A Review Essay
    Tony Aspromourgos

 CSWP 34 (February 2019)
    Sraffa on Marshall's Theory of Value in the Cambridge Lectures: Achievements in an Unfinished Criticism
    Attilio Trezzini


 CSWP 33 (December 2018)
    On the Origins of Piero Sraffa’s Equations. New Evidence Following Pierangelo Garegnani’s Lead
    Nerio Naldi

 CSWP 32 (July 2018)
    The Supermultiplier-Cum-Finance. Economic Limits of a Credit Driven System
    Óscar Dejuán and John S.L. McCombie

 CSWP 31 (May 2018)
    A(nother) Note on the Inconsistency of Neo-Kaleckian Growth Models
    Riccardo Pariboni and Daniele Girardi

 CSWP 30 (April 2018)
    On the Second Stage of the Cambridge Capital Controversy
    Saverio M. Fratini

 CSWP 29 (March 2018)
    Demand-Led Growth Theory in a Classical Framework: Its Superiority, Its Limitations, and Its Explanatory Power
    Matthew Smith

 CSWP 28 (February 2018)
    New-Structuralist Exchange-Rate Policy and the Pattern of Specialization in Latin American Countries
    Ariel Dvoskin, Germán David Feldman, and Guido Ianni

 CSWP 27 (January 2018)
    Stigler on Ricardo
    Heinz D. Kurz


 CSWP 26 (December 2017)
    Garegnani, Ackley and the years of high theory at Svimez
    Sergio Cesaratto

 CSWP 25 (October 2017)
    Gravitation of Market Prices towards Normal Prices: Some New Results
    Enrico Bellino and Franklin Serrano

 CSWP 24 (February 2017)
    Harrodian Instability: a Misleading Concept
    Attilio Trezzini


 CSWP 23 (December 2016)
    Are Estimates of Fiscal Multipliers Truly Reliable? Some Observations Starting from the Case of Japan
    Fiorenza Venturini

 CSWP 22 (October 2016)
    Latin America at a Crossroads: Controversies on Growth, Income Distribution and Structural Change
    Carlos Aguiar de Medeiros and Nicholas Trebat

 CSWP 21 (August 2016)
    Sraffa on the Degeneration of the Notion of Cost
    Saverio M. Fratini

 CSWP 20 (May 2016)
    Nonsubstitution Theorem, Leontief Model, Netputs: Some Clarifications
    Fabio Petri

 CSWP 19 (April 2016)
    Marx, the Production Function and the Old Neoclassical Equilibrium: Workable under the Same Assumptions? With an Appendix on the Likelihood of Reswitching and of Wicksell Effects
    Bertram Schefold

 CSWP 18 (March 2016)
    Piketty and the increasing concentration of wealth: some implications of alternative theories of distribution and growth
    Antonella Stirati

 CSWP 17 (February 2016)
    Walras on capital: interpretative insights from a review by Bortkiewicz
    Fabio Petri

 CSWP 16 (January 2016)
    Documents on Piero Sraffa at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato and at the Archivio Storico Diplomatico
    Eleonora Lattanzi and Nerio Naldi


 CSWP 15 (December 2015)
    Income distribution and the size of the financial sector
    Carlo Panico and Antonio Pinto

 CSWP 14 (November 2015)
    Distribution and Cost-Push inflation in Brazil under inflation targeting, 1999-2014
    Ricardo Summa and Franklin Serrano

 CSWP 13 (October 2015)
    Autonomous demand and economic growth: some empirical evidence
    Daniele Girardi and Riccardo Pariboni

 CSWP 12 (September 2015)
    Documenti su Piero Sraffa all'Archivio Centrale dello Stato e all'Archivio Storico Diplomatico
    Eleonora Lattanzi and Nerio Naldi

 CSWP 11 (April 2015)
    Garegnani on a way to avoid the value capital endowment in Wicksell (1898)
    Fabio Petri

 CSWP 10 (January 2015)
    Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti’s works and in the modern classical approach
    Enrico Bellino and Sebastiano Nerozzi


 CSWP 9 (December 2014)
    Capacity Utilization, Obsolete Machines and Effective Demand
    Sergio Parrinello

 CSWP 8 (November 2014)
    The Ricardian rent theory: an overview
    Christian Bidard

 CSWP 7 (October 2014)
    Thomas Piketty, the Future of Capitalism and the theory of Distribution: a Review Essay
    Tony Aspromourgos

 CSWP 6 (September 2014)
    Diffusion in a simple classical model. Micro decisions and macro outcomes
    David Haas and Andreas Rainer

 CSWP 5 (August 2014)
    A Note on Reswitching and Intertemporal Prices
    Saverio M. Fratini

 CSWP 4 (July 2014)
    The Supermultiplier as a Vertically Hyper-integrated Sector
    Óscar Dejuán

 CSWP 3 (June 2014)
    The Wage Curve in Austrian Models
    Christian Bidard

 CSWP 2 (May 2014)
    A Search for Distinctive Features of Demand-led Growth Models
    Sergio Parrinello

 CSWP 1 (April 2014)
    Two translators: Gramsci and Sraffa
    Andrea Ginzburg