Piero Sraffa and Raffaello Piccoli, two Italian Scholars in Cambridge in 1929-1932

CSWP 44 (August 2020)

Author Lucia Morra

Keywords Piero Sraffa; Raffaello Piccoli; Carlo Rosselli; Ludwig Wittgenstein.

JEL B31.

Sraffa’s diaries report that from June 1929 until late 1932 he often met with the literary scholar, poet and philosopher Raffaello Piccoli, Serena Professor of Italian at the University of Cambridge. After a sketchy biography of Piccoli, the essay reconstructs the story of their friendship, thus contributing to the reconstruction of Sraffa’s biography in 1929-1932; it pauses along the way on their meetings with Carlo Rosselli in 1929-1931 and on their common friendship with Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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