Piero Sraffa

The aims of the Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa” are to foster research based on the approach of the Classical economists, from the Physiocrats and Adam Smith to Ricardo, as taken up and developed by Piero Sraffa and subsequent authors, and to stimulate debate in both the theoretical and the applied spheres with other schools of contemporary economic analysis.
  As an essential part of the reconstruction of political economy along these lines, the Centro Sraffa also promotes the study of economic realities and policies in their social and institutional contexts.


Pierangelo Garegnani Thesis Prize 2015 - prize awarded
The Pierangelo Garegnani Prize 2015 has been awarded to Mr Riccardo Pariboni (PhD student at the University of Siena). See Prizes and scholarships for details
The Centro Sraffa is pleased to announce that the Prize award ceremony is being planned for the second half of October 2015 at Roma Tre University. Further details of the event will be communicated later on.