Piero Sraffa

The aims of the Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa” are to foster research based on the approach of the Classical economists, from the Physiocrats and Adam Smith to Ricardo, as taken up and developed by Piero Sraffa and subsequent authors, and to stimulate debate in both the theoretical and the applied spheres with other schools of contemporary economic analysis.
  As an essential part of the reconstruction of political economy along these lines, the Centro Sraffa also promotes the study of economic realities and policies in their social and institutional contexts.


The Centro di Ricerche e  Documentazione “Piero Sraffa”, in accordance with the wishes of the family and with its financial support, establishes a prize in memory of Pierangelo Garegnani of the amount of €3,000 (before tax), aimed at young scholars engaged in research in economic analysis along the lines developed by Pierangelo Garegnani. 
For Call for Applications go to PRIZES AND SCHOLARSHIPS 
For further information, please write at the address:   centro.sraffa@uniroma3.it

New research area [R] ‘Classical Theory and Policy Analysis’
A new research area [R] ‘Classical Theory and Policy Analysis’ (coordinators: E.S. Levrero and F. Serrano) is now part of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE). In collaboration with the Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione Piero Sraffa it will promote activities to reconstruct economic theory and policy analysis along the lines of the classical or surplus approach. On the occasion of the 26th Eaepe Conference to be held in Nicosia (Cyprus), 6-8 november 2014 on the theme “Unemployment and Austerity in Mediterranean European Countries” the research area [R] will organise a special session on ‘Demand led growth and fiscal policies’. For papers or subjects relating to the research area [R], the submission deadline is 30 May 2014. For any further information, please see the conference website:

Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory
We are glad to announce the recent publication by Palgrave Macmillan of the three volumes Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory (proceedings of the Conference “Sraffa’s Production of Commodities By Means of Commodities 1960-2010. Critique and Reconstruction of Economic Theory”), edited by E.S. Levrero, A. Palumbo and A. Stirati. For their contents, please see:

5 X mille
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The Italian Government offers tax payers in Italy the option of devolving 0.5% of their income tax to non-profit organizations. This option is known as the “Cinque per mille” (or 5 x 1000).
The donation can be made by writing the tax code (Codice Fiscale) of Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa”on your tax declaration form: 97168270581