Piero Sraffa

The aims of the Centro di Ricerche e Documentazione “Piero Sraffa” are to foster research based on the approach of the Classical economists, from the Physiocrats and Adam Smith to Ricardo, as taken up and developed by Piero Sraffa and subsequent authors, and to stimulate debate in both the theoretical and the applied spheres with other schools of contemporary economic analysis.
  As an essential part of the reconstruction of political economy along these lines, the Centro Sraffa also promotes the study of economic realities and policies in their social and institutional contexts.


The Centro di Ricerche e  Documentazione “Piero Sraffa”, in accordance with the wishes of the family and with its financial support, establishes a prize in memory of Pierangelo Garegnani of the amount of €3,000 (before tax), aimed at young scholars engaged in research in economic analysis along the lines developed by Pierangelo Garegnani. 
For Call for Applications go to PRIZES AND SCHOLARSHIPS​ 
For further information, please write at the address:   centro.sraffa@uniroma3.it