Documents on Piero Sraffa at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato and at the Archivio Storico Diplomatico

CSWP 16 (January 2016)

Author Eleonora Lattanzi and Nerio Naldi

Keywords Sraffa, Gramsci, archives


This paper provides a list and a brief description of files and documents where the name of Piero Sraffa is mentioned currently kept at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato and at the Archivio Storico Diplomatico. For each file or document we provide indication of the reference number where it is conserved and a transcript of one or two of the relevant documents out of more than five hundred which have been located. The purpose of the paper is to illustrate the results of archival researches of the last decade, including more recent findings, and furnish a groundwork for further research, which may bring further light to bear on documents already known to us, and lead to the discovery of new documents or information, so as to provide a better basis to the reconstruction of the biography of Piero Sraffa and of people whose lives entwined with his – Antonio Gramsci certainly ranking high among them.
Given the nature of this work, providing precise indications as to the exact location of the documents is crucial, and this implies that any such indication must be presented in Italian. Furthermore, as almost all the documents considered were written in Italian, also providing quotations in the original language seemed to us of special importance. For these reasons, we have asked the editors of this series of working papers – usually available only in English – to allow us to present our work also in Italian.

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