School of Advanced Studies in the Reappraisal of the Surplus Approach

5-13 July 2019

The Summer School welcomes applications by PhD students at any stage of their PhD as well as post-doc researchers. Candidatures by undergraduate and Master students will be considered only if their profile is exceptionally strong.
The registration fee is 150€ and includes teaching materials and lunches. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Objective of the School: 
The School’s purpose is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the surplus approach as taken up and developed by Piero Sraffa and subsequent authors. Participants will therefore be introduced to the analyses of the Classical economists and to the modern research conducted within the reappraisal of their theoretical framework. The activity will embrace different topics, ranging from the theory of value and distribution to the study of economic growth, also dealing with applied analyses and policy issues. In addition, the School aims to stimulate participants into developing their own research by fostering contacts and scientific exchange between young re­sear­ch­ers and expert scholars. To this purpose, a selected number of papers by young scholars will be presented and discussed in a specific session.

Organizing Committee:

Roberto Ciccone, Saverio M. Fratini, E. Sergio Levrero, Antonella Palumbo, Daria Pignalosa, Antonella Stirati, Paolo Trabucchi, Attilio Trezzini.

Organization of the School:

The activity is organized at two intertwined levels: lectures designed for a post graduated audience will be accompanied by seminars at a more advanced level on topics that may suggest research subjects for young scholars. In addition, a specific session will be dedicated to presentations by young participants, which will be commented by a discussant chosen among the senior scholars, and followed by a general discussion open to floor.
The lectures will introduce participants to the foundations of the main lines of research within the modern revival of Classical theory and are organized in four modules:
- Classical Theory and Marginalist (or Neoclassical) Theory: Their Different Analytical Structures (Introductory Module);
- The Critique of Neoclassical Theory (Module A);
- The Surplus Approach to Value and Distribution (Module B);
- The Classical-Keynesian Approach to Output Determination and Economic Growth (Module C).

Important dates:
Deadline for application: May 4th
Deadline for abstract submission: May 8th
Notification of acceptance for applications and presentation proposals: May 14th
Deadline for full paper submission: June 23rd

Queries on application should be addressed to

Please find more information in the Call for applications.