Report of the Committee for the assignment of the Prize, composed of: Professor Antonia Campus, Professor Roberto Ciccone, Professor Guido Montani
The Committee acknowledges that applications for the Pierangelo Garegnani Thesis Prize 2014 have been presented by the following candidates (in brackets the title of the doctoral thesis):
· Dr Manfredi De Leo (La crisi del debito pubblico: il caso greco nel contesto europeo)
· Dr Lorenzo Dorato (Il processo di liberalizzazione del trasporto ferroviario)
· Dr Ariel Dvoskin (Market Nash Equilibrium, Secular Equilibrium and Centre of Gravitation from Hayek to Hahn)
· Dr German Feldman (Classical Monetary Debates in Sraffian Perspective. Alternative Monetary Regimes, Central Banking and the Price Level)
· Dr Tornsten Heinrich (Technological Change, Network Effects, and Emergent Properties in Growth Regimes)
· Dr Matteo Menegatti (On the Notion of Cost. From William Petty to Adam Smith)
· Dr Manuel Ángel Muiños Pan (Apuntes sobra la estructura y la evolución de las
· Dr Giuseppe Pioletti (Stato ed economia nel pensiero di Jean-Charles Léonarde Simonde de Sismondi)
· Dr George Soklis (Labour Values, Commodity Values, Prices and Income Distribution:   Exploration Based on Empirical Input-Output Tables)

The Commitee has examined the doctoral theses presented by the candidates listed above. Expressing satisfaction for the quality of all the works, the Committee, basing its judgment on the contents, expositive efficacy as well as congruence of the theses with the lines of research developed by Pierangelo Garegnani, formulates the following order for the first two positions:
1. Dr Manfredi De Leo and Dr Ariel Dvoskin (ex aequo)
2. Dr German Feldman and Dr Matteo Menegatti (ex aequo)
Consequently, in accordance with the wishes of the family of Pierangelo Garegnani and as envisaged in the announcement of the 2014 Prize for the case of equal merit, the Committee assigns one Prize of € 3.000,00 to each of the two candidates placed ex aequo in the first position, namely Dr Manfredi De Leo and Dr Ariel Dvoskin.
Rome, 22 July 2014
The Committee:                                                                                                                                                                                     
Antonia Campus
Roberto Ciccone
Guido Montani