Centro Sraffa Working Papers
Open The Centro Sraffa Working Papers (CSWP) are aimed at promoting and disseminating economic research based on the revival and development of the classical approach to value and distribution along the lines developed by Piero Sraffa. Contributions sharing this perspective are welcome in all fields of economic theory, history of economic thought, policy analysis, economic history and methodological debate. We are especially interested in papers in the theory of value and distribution, dealing with both the critique of the neoclassical theories and the development of the modern classical approach, and their implications for the theory of output; in papers analyzing growth and accumulation processes by making use of the classical theory of distribution and the principle of effective demand; in theoretical, historical and applied analyses of contemporary capitalism; in papers exploring the policy implications of the modern classical approach. The Centro Sraffa willingly hosts all research sharing its general aims, without necessarily endorsing the views or conclusions of individual authors on specific issues. Managing editors Saverio M. Fratini, Christian Gehrke, Antonella Palumbo Advisory board Tony Aspromourgos, Aldo Barba, Enrico Bellino, Sergio Cesaratto, Alejandro Fiorito, Carlos Medeiros, Gary Mongiovi, Nerio Naldi, Goddanti Omkarnath, Man-Seop Park, Fabio Petri, Fabio Ravagnani, Franklin Serrano, Matthew Smith, Riccardo Soliani, Antonella Stirati, Graham White, Takashi Yagi

Quaderni di Ricerca
Open Publication of the Quaderni di Ricerca and the Materiali di Discussione of the Centro Sraffa began in 2002 with a view to promoting theoretical and applied research along Classical-Keynesian lines, as well as debates with the other main critical and orthodox approaches to value and distribution. The Scientific Committee was composed of Roberto Ciccone, Pierangelo Garegnani, Paolo Leon, Enrico Sergio Levrero (editor), Fabio Petri and Fernando Vianello

Materiali di Discussione
Open discussion paper series