POLITICAL ECONOMY. Studies in the Surplus Approach, vol. 6, n. 1-2, 1990

Political Economy vol. 6, n. 1-2, 1990

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Table of Contents:

Announcement: suspension of publication

Special issue Convergence to Long-Period Positions Mauro Caminati and Fabio Petri, Preface
Mauro Caminati, Gravitation: An Introduction
Richard Goodwin, Inaugural Speech
Luciano Boggio, The Dynamic Stability of Production Prices: A Synthetic Discussion of Models and Results
Marco Lippi, Production Prices and Dynamic Stability: Comment on Boggio
Ian Steedman, Questions and Suggestions re Gravitation
Peter Flaschel, Cross-Dual Dynamics, Derivative Control and Global Stability: a Neoclassical Presentation of a Classical Theme
Michio Morishima, Comment on Flaschel
Andrea Salanti, The Notion of Long-Period Positions: A Useful Abstraction or a “Platonic Idea”?
Alessandro Roncaglia, Is the Notion of Long-Period Positions Compatibel with Classical Political Economy?
Sergio Parrinello, Some Reflections on Classical Equlibrium, Expectations and Random Disturbances
Christian Bidard, From Arrow-Debreu to Sraffa
Bertram Schefold, Joint Production, Intertemporal Preferences and Long-Period Equilibrium. A Comment on Bidard
Richard Goodwin, Convergence to Strange Long-Period Positions
Ingrid Kubin, Market Prices and Natural Prices: a Model with a Value Effectual Demand
Willi Semmler, On Composite Market Dynamics: Simultaneous Macroeconomic Price and Quantity Adjustments
Dominique Torre, On Composite Classical and Keynesian Microdynamic Adjustment Processes: A Comment
Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy, Stability in Capitalism: Are Long-Term Positions the Problem? With and Addendum
Jean Cartelier, The Stability Problem in Capitalism: Are Long-Term Positions the Problem? A Comment on Duménil and Lévy
Richard Arena, Claud Froeschle and Dominique Torre, Gravitation Theory: Two Illustrative Models
Giancarlo Gozzi, On Gravitation from the Classical Viewpoint: A Comment on Arena, Froeschle and Torre
Ulrich Krause, Gravitation Processes and Technical Change: Convergence to Fractal Patterns and Path Stability
Pierangelo Garegnani, On Some Supposed Obstacles to the Tendency of Market Prices towards Natural Prices